Chardonnay, an international grape variety, is everywhere. It's the most adaptable grape and is planted extensively throughout the world. Its wide range of climates, soils and winemakers produce a diverse spectrum of Chardonnay wines. Chardonnay's flavors can range from minerally, racy fruit tasting of green apples in un-oaked wine, or if vinifed differently, very powerful and rich in extracts with flavors of pineapple, ripe melon, some toast from the oak, butterscotch and butter. Its wines are rich and retain a pleasant acidity even after long maturation.

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Chardonnay TBA

2012 (375ml)
This is a big wine in a little bottle. More acidity and residual sugar than t... more >
R5 Riserva

R5 is one of the most unique Bibich wines. Very much a cellar cuvee, it is al... more >