Furmint The most notable white wine grape variety grown in Tokaj region of Hungary. It is renowned as the main ingredient in the famous Tokaji dessert wines. The grape is a thin skinned, early budding and late ripening variety which makes it particularly susceptible to botrytis, causing the famous shriveled berries with their concentrated sugars and flavors. Dry vinified Furmint has a bright, golden yellow color with greenish tints, a fruity bouquet reminiscent of ripe apples and hay with hints of spice, and the taste of peaches, apricots and walnuts. After aging in wood it develops an aroma of honey and walnuts. Rich in extract, it makes a heady, robust wine.

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Bodrog Borműhely
Furmint Várhegy

A single vineyard Furmint sourced from the famed Varhegy (Fortress Hill) vine... more >
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