A premium white wine of golden yellow color with greenish a tinge of greenish translucence. It is a light, easy drinking wine with a distinct aromas from the varietal.
Krstač is autochtonous Montenegrin variety, grown since ancient times in the vineyards in and around Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro. The grain and shape of the grape clusters will often take the shape of a cross, thus the derivation of the name.
It is grown in the micro climate of Nikolj Crkva in an area called, Ćemovsko Field. Efforts to try and grow the grape in different regions have not yielded grapes of a high enough caliber.
It is served at the temperature of 10-12 Celsius and is recommended with all fish dishes, light chowder, dishes made of eggs and fish as well as with white meat. Well well-cooled, it can be served as an aperitif.