Öküzgözü (Pronunciation: Oh-cooz-goe-zue) Native to Eastern Anatolia, Öküzgözü derives its name from large dark berries that resemble a “bull’s eye”.

ORIGIN (Sub Region)
: Eastern Anatolia (Elazığ)
COLOR: Light ruby red similar to Pinot Noir.
PALATE: Medium body, red fruit dominant delicate bouquet, medium tannins, high acidity.
STYLES: Usually blended with Boğazkere.
Cold winters and hot dry summers.
The vineyards at Elazığ are 850-1100 meters high.
Keban and Karakaya dams on the Euphrates initiated a climate change in the region, rendering harsh winters and dry hot summers mellower.
Red clay and decomposed granites.
Light chalky clay soils to sandy clay with underlying limestone.
Aroma Profile:
Raspberry, Dark cherry, Sour Cherry, Pomegranate, Ripe Plum, Clove, Cardamom, Chocolate, Eucalyptus, Mint
Casseroles, Kebabs, Smoked Meats, Eggplant, Grilled Red Meats