Croatia: Međimurje Wine Route

Croatia: Međimurje Wine Route Up in the far northern chunk of Croatia, there sits the Međimurje region. It borders Slovenia as well as Hungary and is an area where wine has been produced for quite some time. The vast majority of what they produce are whites, although some reds can be found here and there.
Because this area get so much less traffic than the extremely touristic coast of Croatia, it is very relaxed and winemakers are happy to great visitors. Most along the wine route have even built very nice tasting rooms as well as accommodations for those interested in staying in the country.
The only issue with the area is a) you absolutely must have a car to get around and b) because of the size of the region, they don't have a website, although everything is very, very well signed (a sign example sits to the left). A car can be had down in Zagreb or in Varaždin which is much closer. It's about a two hour drive from Zagreb and 45 minutes or so from Varaždin, which is lovely town to visit in and of itself.

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