Šipun Žlahtina 2016

Šipun, Otok Krk (Croatia)
White (11.1%)
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Our Notes: Šipun Žlahtina is the most classic example of this indigenous variety. Lowish in alcohol, it is never meant to be a blockbuster wine. It should be easy going, relaxed, breezy; the sort of wine best sipped lazily with briny hors d’oeuvres. Šipun is more layered and distinctive than most of the island’s wines, but not heavier. In fact, being so well crafted, it is even more refreshing. Charming but subtle, peachy and gently gardenia scented with a Friškina (scent of the sea) whiff; balanced, mineral and thirst quenching with acidity low enough to make it gulp-able. The unexpected wood regime plays little role in the experience of the wine other than supporting it well.

A joy alone it, it will go with the lightest dishes and not too heavy spicy foods—days on the skins resulting in a wonderfully fine-grained texture and straw yellow color. In further contrast to the coast, this is the rugged truffle ridden and forested interior that results in an undeniable savory character that is kept in balance by lively acidity. Earthy enough to pair with hard cheeses, bright enough to highlight fresh green herbs, and a medium body that stands up to fish, it’s an ideal food wine for the nearby and perhaps more familiar Italian kitchen.

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