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Super Ravi

Lapati Super Ravi 2016

Lapati, Mukuzani (Georgia)
Red (13.1%)
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Our Notes: The Saperavi Super Ravi (in French, the word "ravi" means "happy") cuvée is made by placing whole clusters of Saperavi from the village of Mukuzani into two qvevris. After sealing the qvevris with clay, the wine ferments for 2 weeks with carbonic gas. There is not much compression in a qvevri so this carbonic maceration is particularly gentle. After 2 weeks, the qvevris are opened, everything is destemmed, crushed, then the final juice goes to age into one qvevri. The 2016 vintage was bottled directly from qvevri in March of 2017.

93 Points Wine & Spirits Magazine: Two Frenchmen, Vincent Jullien and Guillaume Gouerou, started this winery outside of Tbilisi in 2015, creating a cellar around four qvevri. In 2016, this filled two of them with whole bunches of saperavi and sealed them up to ferment for two weeks. Then they opened the qvevri, destemmed the bunches and crushed the grapes, pouring the remaining juice into a single qvevri. The result is wine-geek catnip, pale and cloudy, with scents that marry sweet, cherry-juicy fruit with sappy herbal notes. What's remarkable is that's fine-boned, elegant and light. Super ravi (French for "delightful").

#WineWednesday Spotlight #139: Lapati Super Ravi

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Super Ravi

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