Vitovska Grganja

Štoka Vitovska Grganja 2015

Štoka, Kras (Slovenia)
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Our Notes: Only a couple of bottles left. Believed to be a cross between Prosecco Tondo and Malvasia Bianca, Vitovska is the white grape of the Kras. The extreme rarity and predilection to extended maceration have long been tradition adding longevity and dimensions typical of red wine. Often taken to extremes today, Štoka benefits from this treatment without the technique obscuring the grape's ephemeral charm. The result is undeniably salty and savory. No surprisingly, since the Slavic, Germanic and Romanic cuisines have been interlaced for centuries in the Kras, a classic local pairing is a thick minestrone like soup with sauerkraut, turnip, potatoes, and beans called "Jota".

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Vitovska Grganja

WAS $22.95. Low inventory. Only a couple of bottles left. Believed to be a cros... more >