Juhfark Karvaly

Kolonics Juhfark Karvaly 2017

Kolonics, Somló (Hungary)
White (13%)
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Our Notes: Somló is endlessly fascinating and humbling for us. How such a small appellation (less than half the size of the Jura) can yield such distinctive wines and characters never fails. Károly Kolonics fits this mold and adds a missing link in our Somló offerings.

Juhfark (Sheep’s tail) is a distinctive, almost extinct white grape variety found almost exclusively in Somló. The clusters are long, tightly packed and curve a little at the end hence the Sheep’s tail moniker. Naturally very high in acidity, it’s also fairly neutral on its own and instead absorbs and communicates the volcanic terroir rather than pronounced fruit flavors. However, after a few years in bottle this wine really comes alive.

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Juhfark Karvaly

WAS $29.95. Somló is endlessly fascinating and humbling for us.... more >