Kadarka Nagyapám

Eszterbauer Kadarka Nagyapám 2009

Eszterbauer, Szekszárd (Hungary)
Red (13%)
Sorry, sold out
Our Notes: Janos Eszterbauer is a 10th generation wine maker in the red wine district of Szekszárd. South of Budapest, north of Croatia at a latitude between Bordeaux and the Loire Valley, the ancient loess hills of Szekszárd have been planted to vineyards since before the Celts. It has long been prized for its dark spicy red blends ominously labeled Bikaver or Bulls Blood. The wines are so popular locally that little of the best examples leave the area. We are lucky to finally be getting some from one of our favorites. Eszterbauer is about honoring the ancient traditions of the region and family. Despite the maddening difficulty the big berried thin skinned Kadarka gives grape growers, Janos prefers it for its unique wines and because it is what his family has always grown. This strong connection to the past is depicted by the 1930's black and white picture of his grandfather or "Nagypam" on the label of this 100% Kadarka. The exact origin of the grape is unknown but it is believed to have been brought to Szekszárd from modern day Bulgaria by the Turks. This fresh, fruity, spicy, dry red wine is totally its own, although one could compare it to some of the more exotic Cabernet Franc based reds coming out of the Loire. Medium bodied and juicy with a spice box of aromatics. It is a wine that defies the season and would be just as appropriate slightly chilled with smoky BBQ on a warm summer night as it would be on a snowy Christmas eve with goose. We suggest trying both.

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Kadarka Nagyapám

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