Eszencia 2008 (250ml)

Furmint, Hárslevelű
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Our Notes: Tokaj Eszencia Special! Eszencia is the free-run juice of botrytised grapes crushed only by the weight of the overripe berries themselves. After harvest, Aszu berries are left to rest in a barrel. Only a minute amount of highly concentrated juice accumulates in the bottom of the keg; for every 25 kilograms of over-ripe Aszu berries, 1 liter of Eszencia is produced. Understandably, Tokaji Eszencia is so rare and precious that rather than being served in a glass, it is traditionally served with a specially designed Eszencia spoon. If Tokaj is the wine of Kings, Eszencia is the wine of Gods.

The Dorogi brothers produce artisan wine in Tokaj and happen to be close friends with Judit and József Bodó of Bott wines. Their Eszencia ferments with native yeasts in a painstakingly slow process. It takes years for the wine to acquire a meager alcohol content between 2 and 4%. The Dorogi Eszencia has an exotically intense bouquet of gardenias, pear, orange marmalade and apricots. It clings to the mouth and persists long after you've swallowed. True to its origin, the tremendous sugar is matched by by equally intense acidity. Drink this Eszencia in the historical fashion with a small spoon. This wine promises an otherworldly experience.

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