Riesling Eiswein Schneiderberg - 375ml

Weinrieder Riesling Eiswein Schneiderberg - 375ml 2001 (375ml)

Weinrieder, Weinviertel (Austria)
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Our Notes: "Medium orange-gold in color and clearly headed towards a beautiful amber hue with more time, this wine has an alluring nose of candied orange peel, mango and other tropical fruits, with the beginnings of a more characteristic petrol scent emerging as the wine is first poured. In the mouth it is thick and luscious, voluminous even as it slides off the tongue towards the sides of the mouth and the back of the throat. Well balanced, with flavors of apricot, canned peaches, and fresh honey, the wine also has a pineapple-like acidity that tightens the cheeks and exposes some nice mineral flavors as the wine finishes languorously. Excellent."
Alder Yarrow - Vinography.com

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