Hungaria Extra Dry Rosé

Törley Hungaria Extra Dry Rosé

Törley, Eytek (Hungary)
Sparkling (11.5%)
Pinot Noir
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Our Notes: Sold out! The grapes for the Hungaria sparkling wines come from the Etyek-Buda wine region, located just 30km west of Budapest. The Pinot Noir comes from vineyard sites near the villages of Etyek and Pázmánd. After primary fermentation, yeast and sugar are added (liqueur de tirage) and crown capped in magnums for 1.5 years. After the aging process the sparkling wines get transferred (hence Methode Transvasée) to pressurized tanks for equalizing. While in tank, the final dosage is added, sediment is filtered, stabilized, bottled and finally corked. The process is very similar to the Traditional Method in that the secondary fermentation happens entirely in bottle although riddling and disgorgement are not used.

This Extra Dry Rosé has never been imported into the United States before, yet harkens back to the slighter sweeter styled days of Champagne before the 20th century. Rather than just sweet for the sake of sweet, it actually heightens the fruit, adds texture and keeps the alcohol low. Much like the perennial conversation in the trade about talking dry and drinking sweet, this bottle walks that fine line. There is all of the complexity of a secondary fermentation and lees contact in bottle in addition to being able to control the dosage more precisely once the wine is returned to tank under pressure. Tart cranberry and strawberry, intensely floral, and with a caremelized spicy note, it pairs well with BBQ, Mexican and Asian fare, and anything fried with some spice. Hungarians are drinking this with “abált szalonna” (steamed bacon bathed in Paprika and served cold) as we speak.

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