Szerelmi Hárslevelű

Demeter Zoltán Szerelmi Hárslevelű 2012

Demeter Zoltán, Tokaj (Hungary)
White (15%)
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Our Notes: Sold out! Szerelmi is predominately loess soil with 65 year old vines on the southern side of Tokaj Hill. It was first mentioned in 1798 as a 1st Class Vineyard and roughly translates to “lovely.” Although Hárslevelű is often used as s blending agent or a fresh base wine for Tokaj Aszú, when it is planted in the right place and cropped back (Demeter makes a remarkable Verjus), it is every bit as powerful and reflective of site as Furmint. Aromatic, stony, and showing all of the structure you’d expect from 15% alcohol with absolutely none of the heat.

If a Grosse Gewächs and a Chenin Blanc had a baby, it might grow up to be this kind of wine. And like much of Tokaj, there is saline touch that lingers in the finish. Big enough to pair with root vegetables and a roast chicken, but would also highlight fatty seafood and pork belly. In Tokaj, a roast goat would be ideal.

"A mid-gold hue. Beautifully expressive and aromatic, although with a very solid feel to the composition of the wine. The fruit has an intense, tropical fruit character, with pineapple the most prominent aroma. After that comes some structured, pithy, fruit skin elements. Aromas of pear skin, although more the bitter grip rather than the fruit flavour, and with that more citrus elements, orange pith. This solid feel that is first apparent comes through on the palate, which has dense fruit and solid, warm, structure. I thought at first there might be an element of skin contact here, but the alcohol is on the high side, and although there is no heat here this certainly contributes to the very solid feel of the wine. All the same I really like this; the pithy and mildly bitter phenolic character giving plenty of interest."
The Winedoctor, Chris Kissak

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