Dingač Vinarija Pelješac 2010

Dingač Vinarija, Potomje Pelješac (Croatia)
Red (12.5%)
Plavac Mali
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Our Notes: Only 7 bottle available! Stained or damaged label.
Near constant sunshine beating down on local herbs like rosemary, thyme and oregano imparts a sweet menthol like herbaceousness to Plavac grown along the Dalmatian Coast. Pelješac is a wine made from Plavac fashioned in a locally popular style. Harvested a few weeks later than its similarly weighted sister wine “Plavac”, it is light, but with just a whiff of passito. While there are rugged notes of dried figs, plums and rosehips, the weight is Gamay like. The local complement would be wood fired sardines but Pelješac pairs with a wide variety of cuisine, even Korean. In 2010 a portion of Postup made its way into the wine elevating the alcohol to 12.5% and giving its characteristic “freškina” note (scent of the sea).

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