Prošek - 1L

Dalmacija Vino Prošek - 1L (1L)

Dalmacija Vino, Dalmatian Coast (Croatia)
Sorry, sold out
Our Notes: We are sorry: this popular wine is now sold out and will not come back.

According to our information Dalmacija Vino has gone out of business. We are working on finding a suitable replacement.

In the meantime We suggest to order AMBRA, the premium Prosek made by BIBICh.

Prosek is an authentic Croatian dessert wine, distilled from dried grapes of the finest indigenous Dalmatian varieties. Although it sometimes gets mixed up with Prosecco, the Italian sparkling wine, Prosek is a still wine and comes from the coastal region of Dalmatia, which is the only place where it is made.

According to legend, the Roman emperor Diocletian found great delight in drinking this wine, when in 303 A.D. he abdicated and went to live in his palace in Split. This pleasant wine has a dark-copper color with an aroma of matured grapes. Prosek is often served with desserts and well cooled, with a slice of lemon, it is a delicious refreshment and aperitif.

Note: This is a 1 Liter bottle, great value at a great price! The bottle comes with a screw cap and keeps fresh in the fridge for more than a week.
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