Vranac ProCorde

Plantaže Vranac ProCorde 2010

Plantaže, Lake Skadar (Montenegro)
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Vranac is an ancient red grape varietal found almost exclusively in the newest European country, the small republic of Montenegro. With only 650,000 inhabitants it has just become independent in 2006. Montenegro is located at the Adriatic sea on the southern tip of Croatia. While not much is known about its heritage it is widely assumed that Vranac is a relative of the Dalmatian Plavac Mali which in turn again is the ancestor of the Californian Zinfandel. With both cousins the Vranac shares its dark ruby color and a fairly full body. Vranac tends to be strong and savory, sometimes pretty rustic.

The Pro Corde by the Plantaze Winery is a reserve quality example of an extremely well-made Vranac produced with selected grape material of this sizable estate. This crowd pleaser sports a deep, almost purple color and a rich fruit extract. Black berries and supple cherry tones dominate the aromas, bursting into a pleasurable harmonious experience on the palate. Great with BBQ, sausages, and of course a nice cut of steak.

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Vranac ProCorde

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