Bagrationi 1882 Semi-Sweet

Bagrationi 1882, Georgia (Georgia)
Sparkling (12%)
Saperavi, Chinebuli, Mtsvane, Tsitska
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Our Notes: This is a Traditional Georgian sparkling wine produced from the classic Saperavi, Chinebuli, Mtsvane and Tsitska varietals from vineyards located in the Imereti, Kakheti and Kartli regions.

The wine is produced in the Charmat Method. The grapes are handpicked, hand sorted and whole cluster pressed. The juice of the grape is then fermented at a very low temperature with selected yeast strains to preserve the inherent fruit flavors. In this method, the second fermentation takes place in pressurized tanks.

This method produces refreshing bubbles, reminiscent of honey, melon and citrus, semi-sweet flavor with mineral freshness, and delicate to the taste.

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Bagrationi 1882
WAS $16.95. The wine is a semi-sweet blend of Saperavi, Chinebuli, Mtsvane and Tsitska, s... more >
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