Határi Hárslevelű

Bott Határi Hárslevelű 2013

Bott, Tokaj (Hungary)
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Our Notes: Closer to Erdőbénye, the Határi vineyard is along the same slopes bordering the Zemplèn forest as the Csontos vineyards, but are instead more western than southern facing. With only 1.5 hectare currently cultivated, the soil is clayey and chock-full of broken up limestone, rhyolite-tufa, and obsidian. Tending to the 35 years-old vines by hand, the Furmint produces wonderfully full-bodied dry wines while the Hárslevelű takes on a special sweetness while remaining particularly mineral which makes it ideal as the base for their Aszú and late harvest wines.

Hárslevelü means “linden leaf” referring not to the shape of the leaf, but the subtle floral aromatics. Thin-skinned and late ripening, it’s the delicately perfumed counterpart part to furmints more strong-armed acidity and spice. The red line that runs through every vintage of Hátari are the pronounced aromas of poached stone fruit, citrus zest and spice. When young, the wines are like “an open flower” according to Judit, but with age transitions to the scent of the sea. It is this highly mineral character Hátari imparts that make it so appropriate for the “pretty” varieties. Like the rest of the Bott wines, a long and slow native fermentation in oak results in a highly cerebral wine while maintaining its yumminess.

The 2011 was a Sommelier favorite from Eastern Europe Wine & Spirits MagazineA native white from Tokaj that is mysterious, giving, and like something from autumn. Old honey, rotting leaves, and overripe melon is the nose, with a dry, dust-chalk finish." — Amanda Smeltz, Roberta's, Brooklyn