Angel Grande Cuvee

Batič Angel Grande Cuvee 2011

Batič, Vipava Valley (Slovenia)
White , Organic
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Our Notes: Angel is not only the name of Miha’s son, it’s the first place on the estate where the Mediterranean and the alpine climates meet. This hot and cold collision creates intense wind all year long keeping pests and rot at bay. So much so that the entire vineyard has never been sprayed with sulfites. The vineyard is also surrounded by old growth forests that act like a filter purifying the air while adding to the incredible natural biodiversity. Blending to a house style, 9 grapes spanning 3 vintages go into each barrel of Angel. Slow to open, but given the chance, this is one the most reflective wines of people and place in our portfolio.

89 Points Wine Enthusiast Magazine for the 2009: This amber colored orange-style wine has aromas of canned peache and apricots on the nose, while fresh stone fruits seem to dominate the full bodied palate. The finish is creamy and lingers on.

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Angel Grande Cuvee

WAS $34.95. Low inventory. Angel is not only the name of Miha’s son, it’s t... more >