Zigu (Georgian Port)

Shumi Zigu (Georgian Port) (500ml)

Shumi, Kakheti (Georgia)
Dessert (19%)
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Zigu is a natural drink combining grape juice, wine, wine brandy and Chacha. The winery uses rare and aromatic grape varieties sources from Vine and Wine Museum; this unique Museum was established by the Shumi winery and counts more than 280 Georgian autochthones and 90 foreign grape varieties. The blend also includes rare plants from the southern slopes of the Central Caucasian Mountain range. Zigu is aged in oak and is not filtered. It has a dark pomegranate color, aroma of almonds and wild berry, notes of coniferous, flower and caramel, with a fine and fresh finish. Zigu is a good aperitif and digestive. It goes well with dessert and can be used also for cocktails. Should be served at room temperature, or cooled with ice.

WineWednesday Spotlight #4: Shumi Zigu

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