Muhr-van der Niepoort Carnuntum 2011

Muhr-van der Niepoort, Carnuntum (Austria)
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Our Notes: The 2011 Blaufränkisch Carnuntum from Muhr-van der Niepoort was the vintage that gave Winzerin (vigneronne) Dorli Muhr the inspiration to rename the cuvée Samt & Seide – Velvet & Silk – for the subsequent vintages. The wine is an easy introduction to the cardinal virtues of the old central European grape variety Blaufränkisch: although its flavor-profile sits smack in the middle of an angels’ triangle between Pinot Noir, Nebbiolo and Syrah, it retains and expresses a distinctive identity (in a wide range of stylistic interpretations) and even when achieving full physiologic ripeness never reaches extremes of alcohol. Typical for the estate, there is no noticeable cooperage inflicted upon the wine; the aromatic profile evokes sour cherries (the griotte of Burgundy) while tannins remain smooth and nicely integrated, even as the composite profile includes angular elements that prevent the wine from suffering any reductionary description.

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Muhr-van der Niepoort
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