Martinčič Cviček 2015 (1L)

Martinčič, Dolenjsko (Slovenia)
Red (9.47%)
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Our Notes: The production of Cviček (Zvee-Check) is typical of the Dolenjsko wine-growing region. The name is old Slovenian for “very sour wine”.
It is made from grapes of both white (Kraljevina, Laski Riesling, Sylvaner, Zlahtnina, Ranfol, Lipna and other less known older varieties) and red vine varieties (Zametna Crnina, Franconian and Portugalka) that cannot exceed 10% alcohol. The wine is fermented with native yeast in stainless steel and wood tanks before blending and bottled just after malolactic fermentation which moderates the acidity.

Cviček is served chilled with traditional Slovene and in particular Dolenjsko dishes, e.g. "štruklji" (rolled dumplings), a suckling pig, a spit-roasted kid, "krvavice" (blood suasages) with cabbage, a St. Martin’s goose with "mlinci" (Slovene pasta), cured meat dishes, etc.

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2015 (1L)
The production of Cviček (Zvee-Check) is typical of the Dolenjsko wine-gr... more >
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