Plavac 2015

Plavac Mali
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Near constant sunshine beating down on local herbs like rosemary, thyme and oregano imparts a sweet menthol like herbaceousness to Plavac grown along the Dalmatian Coast. “Plavac” is a classic expression of lighter weight Plavac Mali. While there are rugged notes of dried figs, plums and rosehips, the weight is Gamay-like but with Plavac’s wild edge. It would be harder to find a food that would not complement Plavac than to select the perfect pairing, literally anything Mediterranean.

Plavac Mali grape translates to “Little Blue” grape. This grape is usually simply called “Plavac” and is the cousin of the Californian Zinfandel. Recently, researchers from UC Davis School of Viticulture have found the ancestor of the Zinfandel – the Crljenak kastelanski – in vineyards on the Dalmatian coast in Croatia. The researchers proved with modern analysis technologies that this ancient Croatian grape has indeed the same DNA structure as the Zinfandel. The Plavac itself is a hybrid of the Crljenak kastelanski so it is a direct –if not identical- relative of the Zinfandel. The relationship of the two grape varietals can be tasted: both are fairly rustic wines with lots of spicy flavors. Yet, they are also quite different, making the taste of Plavac Mali a very unique experience.