Kisi Qvevri

doqi Kisi Qvevri 2014

doqi, Kakheti (Georgia)
White (12.6%)
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Our Notes: Kakheti's most prized "amber" wines are made from white grapes, fermented with the skins and seeds in massive buried clay vats called qvevri--an ancient methos originating from Georgia. The white Kisi grapes transform into a deep orange, tea-like, fragrant wine with dried fruit, tree flowers, and sweet spices. Firmly dry, gently tannic and positively food friendly. The clay doqi wine vessel symbolizes the tradition of hospitality at the Georgian table. Sharing wine is the essence of this tradition. Gaumarjos! To your victory!

90 Points Wine & Spirits Magazine: A doqi is an earthware pitcher that Georgian use for wine; it's also the name of a new line of wines from Burkhard Schchmann. Fermented in qvevri, this is plush and pretty, this red-blushed flavors of quince and Rainier cherries, rose scents and sweet, mace-like spice. Thoese flavors last, soft and clean, making for an easy match with something spicy, like an Indian biryani.

WineWednesday Spotlight #69: doqi Kisi Qvevri

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