Valentino Bianco - 375ml

Batič Valentino Bianco - 375ml 2007 (375ml)

Batič, Vipava Valley (Slovenia)
Dessert (13.5%) , Organic
Pinela, Rebula
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Our Notes: A very special and super delicious wine offered to our best customers at a very special price.

50% Pinela, 50% Rebula. Harvested in the middle of October, delicately put into wooden crates, and then left untouched in a dry and windy loft until April. On Easter, every grape is carefully inspected before pressing. It takes roughly 30 kilos of grapes to equal 1 liter of Valentino. The wine is then poured into Slovenian oak barrels and matured between one and a half to four years. Each barrel is bottled separately according to the lunar calendar.

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