Plava Greda

Brkić Plava Greda 2015

Brkić, Čitluk (Bosnia Herzegovina)
Red (12.2%) , Organic
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Our Notes: Josip Brkic specializes in the indigenous white Žilavka and red Blatina from his region of Citluk in Bosnia/Hercegovina. Utilizing organic and biodynamic principals and the lunar calendar, Josip satisfies his responsibilities to land and family and his desire to make wines of terroir. Greda is the name of the plateau vineyard where the Blatina fruit was sourced. Fermented by native yeast in local oak to softens the angular nature of the grape it is an understated thirst inducing red of elegance and style that could be likened to Cru Beaujolais.

WineWednesday Spotlight #134: Brkić Plava Greda

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Plava Greda

WAS $29.95. Low inventory. Josip Brkic specializes in the indigenous white Žil... more >