Set of 3 Magnums White

Batič Set of 3 Magnums White 2012 (1.5L)

Batič, Vipava Valley (Slovenia)
White (13.2%) , Organic
Pinela, Rebula, Zelen
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Our Notes: Batic Book3 magnums of 2012 Batič Zaria housed in a beautiful wooden box. Includes a newly released Batič book, filled with gorgeous photography.

Zaria translates to ‘dawn,’ and in this case, represents the new dawn of an ancient wine culture. The whole process from grape to bottle is also strongly connected to the phases of the moon. Each barrel is bottled unfiltered separately and without any added sulfur. This is a true orange wine with all of the varietals growing side by side in the same vineyard, picked together, spending close to a month of the skins in large open topped oak vats, and co-fermented until dry. This is a wine devoted to harmony.

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