Proprietor: Leo & Silvane Sommer
Founded: 1698
Website: Sommer Winery
Country Location: Austria

Founded in 1698, winemaking has been uninterrupted in the village of Donnerskirchen on the western shore of Lake Neusiedl, and the Sommer family is immensely proud to be a part of this lineage.

Sommer Winery

On the western shores of Lake Neusiedl, the hills of the Leithagebirge are comprised of layers of granite and primary rock emerging through layers of chalk and lime. Elegant and undeniably mineral driven wines are the tradition here and Leo Sommer, his wife Silvane, and their wines are testament to this aim. Winemaking is geared towards knowing when to do nothing and focusing on the vineyards, pick date, and precision to preserve freshness.

Leo Sommer

Sommer Cellar

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