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Country Location: Hungary


The people. Located in Mád, Tokaj, the Barta winery is a family-owned artisan operation that focuses on preserving their First Growth Old King vineyard's exceptional volcanic soil for future generations. Not only its setting is exceptional, but the terraces that ancestors built with their own hands from stone to stone make it outstanding.

Volcanic Rocks
Volcanic rocks and young vines

In the vineyard. The Öreg Király (Old King) vineyard is a steep vineyard on the Király hill. This area has been under vines since the 13th century when it was a royal estate. The wine that was made there was unique but extremely hard to produce due to the steep slopes and the highly stony soil. Abandoned during the socialist era, it was left hidden under a thick blanket of wild bushes. Eventually the long-forgotten scrubby vineyard was purchased by the Barta family in 2003 who started to re-plant it. The vines are cultivated using traditional methods. No herbicides nor systemic chemicals are used.


In the cellar. Built in the 16-17th century as a single-story, simple farm building, the winery is currently been renovated. The cellar house, where the winemaking takes place is almost completely rebuilt. The cellar is partially carved into the stone. The winery's distinctive wines are produced with the least possible intervention, centered on organic methods and spontaneous fermentation.

Barta News:

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A record number of lots for the 6th Great Tokaj Wine Auction

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