Founded: 2001
Website: Kindzmarauli Winery
Country Location: Georgia

Kindzmarauli Marani

The appellation. Kindzmarauli is located within Kakheti on the left bank of the Alazani River, at the foothills of the Caucus Mountains. The name Kindzmarauli is also that of the appellation-controlled semi-sweet red wine produced in the area. The soils here are stonier and more sparse resulting in wines that are more mineral and higher in acidity. The perfect balance for the traditional semi-sweet style.

In the vineyard. Established in 2001, Kindzmarauli Marani (Kindzmarauli Wine Cellar) completed their first harvest in 2005. The company maintains 435 ha. of vineyards. These and the well-appointed winery are managed by Georgia’s most experienced viticulturists and enologists. 423 unique varieties are showcased in the vine museum in front of the winery, vines acquired and cultivated to protect the enormous genetic pool of Georgian varieties and to identify the selection that proves best for their microclimate.

Lado Uzunashvili and Zura Akhalmosulishvili
Lado Uzunashvili and Zura Akhalmosulishvili, winemaking partners

In the cellar Wines are made in temperature controlled stainless steel and barrique. Vinification varies based on varieties and wine type. In addition to “European” style expressions of typical Georgian varieties, Kindzmarauli Marani makes excellent skin macerated white (orange) wine, Chacha (grappa) and semi-sweet Saperavi “Kindzmarauli” the specialty of the estate.

In the cellar