Proprietor: Luka Krajančić
Country Location: Croatia

Luka Krajančić reading a poemLuka Krajančić's tightly packed winery is immaculate, as are his wines. The vinification is about exacting precision. Components of the final wine are fermented and aged separately. Some with native yeast, some inoculated, some in barrel, most in stainless steel, some on the lees. These components are then carefully blended to yield a wine intensely aromatic, tropical and at the same time herbal.

Luka‘s Intrada is mouth filling and rich but with a lifting freshness that suits almost any crustacean or seasoned with lemon. The name Intrada means entrance and is the standard Pošip of the Krajančić house.

Get to know Luka Krajančić and his wines: A Day at the Beach with Luka Krajančić

Krajančić beach

Krajančić beach

Recent Accolades
Wine & Spirits Magazine featured Krajančić's 2009 Intrada Pošip in the TOP 100 wines of its Terroir Meter: The Terroir Meter

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