Papari Valley

Proprietor: Nukri Kurdadze
Website: Papari Valley Winery
Country Location: Georgia


The great Kakhetian terroirs of Akasheni, Gurjanni and Mukuzani intersect under the vine of Papari Valley. The marani (cellar) sits amidst them. Papari in Georgian means mane of the horse. In the vineyards, no synthetic herbicides, pesticides or systemic treatments are used. 2/3 of the production is red and the remaining 1/3 is orange.

The winery has a terraced qvevri system that allows vinification without pumping. The first terrace is for fermentation, the second is for aging and the basement is for exceptional wines that demand additional time. Moving wine from one terrace to another happens by gravity, without electromechanical pumps.

The wines of Papari Valley are unfiltered and fermented in qvevri and/or in stainless steel with naturally occurring yeast and bacteria, and no artificial intervention.

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