Proprietor: Christian Reiterer
Website: Reiterer Winery
Country Location: Austria

I've always been fascinated by the Blue Wildbacher grape and its possibilities! — Christian Reiterer.

Christian Reiterer

The people. Always facinated by the indigenous Blue Wildbacher grape, one of the oldest grape varieties cultivated in Central Europe, Christian Reiterer turned his vision into reality after the early death of his father and founded a modern winery in West Styria. At the time, in the late seventies, Blue Wildbacher was known for producing a rustic rosé wine – a Styria speciality called Schilcher – that was mainly consumed in the local wine taverns.

He started with only one hectare of planted vines vineyard with the goal of truly express the grape's terroir and winning international fame for this unique rosé wine. Today Reiterer farms around 60 hectares of vineyards in western Styria's top locations and exports most of its wines to ten different countries.


The appellation. Weststeiermark (West Styria) is the smallest wine-growing region in the Steiermark, with 500 hectares under vines. Blue Wildbacher is the region's most planted variety. The rugged landscape is characterized by steep hills and deep valleys, the vineyards stretching from the foothills of the Koralpe and the Reinischkogel mountains to the Slovenian border in the south. The climate is warm and humid thanks to Mediterranean influences.


In the vineyard. A respectful and careful handling of nature and its resources, from pruning to harvest, is what matters in the Reiterer vineyards. It is a manual effort, the only way the vine and the grape can be treated as gently as possible, as perfect grapes are the prerequisite for outstanding wines and the winery's long-term success.

In the cellar

In the cellar. The cellar has the latest winemaking technology to handle the grapes with the greatest care. Stylistically, the wine needs freshness, fruit, and vibrant flavors to put you in a good mood without headaches.