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Country Location: Slovenia

We are excited that we will be working with Santomas again. Their wines are exceptional, in particular those made from the indigenous Refošk grape.

Tamara Glavina

The people. Santomas, the family estate run by father and daughter Ludvik and Tamara Glavina, is located in the hills overlooking the Adriatic and Koper, Slovenia’s only port city. Refošk, possibly the same grape the Romans called Puccinum, is the local red variety and the focus of their production. From it, they produce dramatic wines, full of savory and bright fruit, often resinous, even minty, with precocious acidity and a gamey bite. They are complex even when they are simple, elevating most any dish earthy and rich. Tamara asserts that Refošk is unusually high in heart healthy substances like resveratrol, which supports its historically “medicinal” role. More a family of related grape varieties rather than one specific type, Refošk in Slovenia is related to both Refosco in Italy and what Croatians call Teran. Santomas farms about 20 hectares of vineyards across six sites plus a few groves of olive trees, all within minutes of the winery. Their top wines are sourced from their oldest vines should the aging potential of Refošk while the stainless steel fermented LNG liter is a bright fresh unvarnished interpretation.

Santomas Vineyard

In the vineyard. All wines are made from estate grown fruit. Vineyards are between 100 and 280 meters above sea level where exposure to the sun and the incessant “Bora” wind is greatest. The soils are stony sandy mixes of flysch and marl. The oldest vineyards are approximately 50 years old. The youngest planted just recently. Most are south facing, some are hill top. Vineyards are dry farmed and according to The Refošk is typically harvest late September, early October south east orientation of vines.

Santomas Cellar
The winery's modern wine cellar

In the cellar. The Glavina family has made wine for 5 generations, today the responsibility is primarily Tamara’s. A University trained enologist “respect for the environment and tradition with room for new ideas” is her perspective in the vineyard and the cellar. After sorting in the vineyard by hand grapes undergo a second sorting at the winery on a sorting table. To avoid over extraction maceration and fermentation times are minimized. Fresh wines are fermented with neutral yeast and undergo malolactic in Stainless steel.

Watch the tasting video about the Santomas Big Red Refosk.

Santomas Tasting

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