Country Location: Croatia

skaramucaFor several generations the Skaramuca Family has been creating some of the best Croatian wines. The tradition of wine growing and production in the Skaramuca family is as old as the family itself. The wine-producing area where Dingac is grown is known for the highest average temperatures in the country. The climatic conditions of this ecologically pristine area makes spraying unnecessary. An ideal location, basking in the reflected rays of the Adriatic Sea combined with a modern and newly equipped cellar, produces and guarantees a top quality wine, such as Dingac-Skaramuca.

skaramucaKey Points. Dingac wine is made by Ivo Skaramuca from the indigenous Plavac Mali grape variety grown in a very small and limited locality known as Dingac on the steep southern slopes of the Peljesac Peninsula — a mere 168 acres.
Rich vineyards and strong desire to please their family and guests result in this high quality wine of an extraordinary ruby red color, captivating aroma and harmonious robust flavor. Dingac is Croatia's finest contrlled red wine, with an alcohol content of 13-14% volume. This wine represents one of the finest Croatian red wines.

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