Founded: 1882
Website: Törley Winery
Country Location: Hungary

With great diligence and persistence I succeeded in producing something far superior to the Champagne sparkling wines known so far — József Törley, 1882

TÖRLEY vintage

The people. In 1882, József Törley decided to put the knowledge he had acquired in Reims to use in his own country. He found an ideal place for the production of sparkling wine in Etyek-Buda, just outside of Budapest in central Hungary. Just as in the Champagne region, the cellars were carved out of limestone and French trained cellar master Louis François oversaw the winery’s construction. József Törley also introduced refrigerative disgorging in Hungary, and by 1896, earned the proud title of “Suppliers to the Imperial and Royal Court”, the greatest recognition of all. By then, Törley had warehouses in Paris, Copenhagen, Berlin and Hamburg, and became popular internationally.

Sadly, the Törley story nearly came to an end in 1944 when WWII bombs destroyed the main factory and most of the wines. In the 1950’s, after the renovation of the cellar, a huge grape planting process with native and international varieties was undertaken, which since then, provides the base for the Törley sparkling wines. After the privatization in 1992, TÖRLEY has become a market leader in Hungary as the production and quality are both higher than ever. We are now proud to introduce these wines to the United States.

Torley Vintage

In the vineyards. After apprenticing at Champagne Roederer and Delbeck in Reims, France, József was convinced that he needed to find near identical soil and weather conditions in Hungary. Sharing nearly the same latitude as Champagne and just west of Budapest in the Etyek-Buda wine region, he found the densely chalk-ridden and limestone soils he was looking for. As a testament to the abundance of limestone in the area, much of the quarried remains went into the construction of the Hungary’s Parliment which at the time (1904) was the largest building in the world. Törley currently has 800ha of vineyards in the Etyek-Buda wine region and 44ha in Tokaj. All vineyards are owned and maintained by Törley.

Torley Cellar

In the cellar. The fermentation and ageing cellar is in Budafok, Budapest, and ensures a constant temperature year round. Between 2008 and 2010 Törley invested 5.3 million EUR into their wine making facilities. They are capable of bottling 12,000 bottles an hour in an ultra hygienic facility enabling them to produce products with an extremely high quality to cost ratio.


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